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Dear Visitor,

Grace Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, Baptist church. We are independent in that we are not affiliated with any convention or organization that we are, in any way, obligated to. We are fundamental in that we believe that the Word of God is literally the Word of God for mankind; therefore we teach and preach it continually and teach our people to study it for themselves. By the way, we use the King James Bible because we believe that this version was God's way of preserving His Word for us down through the centuries. We are Baptist in that we believe that the Bible teaches the doctrines that have been traditionally a part of the Baptist faith.

We believe that the most important thing to God is the salvation of the lost. Therefore we boldly preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage our members to witness for Jesus Christ.

I know that church music is a major concern to people today. We are also concerned about it. We believe that Jesus Christ should be the focus of all of our services; therefore we always try to use music that honors and worships Him. In our song services we sing hymns and choruses that honor Jesus Christ. Christian rock music and much of the contemporary music of today will not be performed in our services.

We have a wonderful friendly church and I hope that you will visit us soon. In fact, to really get to know us you should visit us a few times. Our people will make you welcome. Come and be a part of our church family.


Alvin Sipe, Pastor

Grace Baptist Church